Sunday, February 19, 2012

Moving Pets ? Moving Birds - Jay's Moving and Storage

Moving pets is always difficult and moving birds is no exception to that rule.? In fact, pet birds are sometimes even more susceptible to suffering dire consequences from the stress of moving than a cat or dog.? Here are some tips from the experts at Jay's, your Calgary moving company, to help reduce moving stress for your feathered family members.

Before the move, keep your birds calm by placing them in a room that has already been emptied, away from the hubbub of packing and moving.

If your move is local it will be much easier on your pet bird, but you still don't want to load them onto the moving truck where they might be exposed to exhaust fumes and fluctuations in temperature.? It's probably best if you relocate them in your own vehicle (inside a cage, of course) because they will be reassured by your presence and you can make sure that the transition is over quickly.

Long distance moves are trickier, if the pet must travel by air you will need to acquire an approved carrier for the birds.? Make sure that arrangements are settled well in advance of your move if you are moving birds by air or hiring a pet transport service.

Even for a long distance move it will be less stressful on your bird if you can relocate them in your own vehicle.? This may require some planning too, especially if you need to arrange overnight accomodations.? You'll have to find lodgings that will allow you to bring the birdcage inside your room to keep your feathered friends safe from temperature fluctuations or theft.

Pack a bag with enough supplies for the duration of the trip, including fresh food and water, a cage cover, an avian first aid kit, and some of your bird's favorite toys.? Familiar things will help your bird relax and reduce your pets stress.

Once you arrive at your new home, place the bird in its regular cage in a quiet room.? Try and spend a little time with your pets so that they don't feel as though they've been abandoned in a strange place.? After a few days your birds will become accustomed to the new surroundings.

Moving birds, just as with moving any pets, can be quite stressful for them.? The experts at


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